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Algorand Use cases:

Algodex, an in progress exchange and NFT marketplace which will allow the trading of Algorand ASAs, such as Algomond NFTs!

Planetwatch, leveraging the blockchain technology to collect air quality data around the world!

The Marshall Islands using Algorand to build their currency!

Community Projects:

Algo Arcade - A mix of games and collectibles utilizing (and rewarding!) Algorand Standard Assets.

AlgoChain – Creating physical and digital 3D designs along with collectible NFT discord games!

AlgoCredits – A series of high-quality, collectible “creds” with a focus on dynamic designs.

Algomist – A chemistry themed interactive NFT card game.

Extra Fox – Artist combining visual and audio into an exhilarating sensory experience.

Moon Algo – A film photographer and NFT enthusiast creating and sharing some of the best NFTs Algorand has to offer.

World of Light – An Evolving-Narrative card playing game utilizing Algorand Standard Assets.